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Safe, Effective and Affordable Ways To Natural Pain Relief

We accept returns, but the Customer pays the postage.

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Any questions please contact us as above

Which Product For You?

Our largest group of customers are arthritis sufferers

In the case of ongoing ARTHRITIS

Whilst magnets cannot ‘cure’ this condition, they are known to relieve the pain, aid the elimination of toxins thus reducing inflammation enough for you to be mobile and usually for days. The arthritic pain will in time return to the joint as the degenerated bones will always aggravate the surrounding tissue. Simply wear your magnetic product as and when required. The magnets are permanent, they last a lifetime. Try to problems by wearing your wrap if you know you are going to put your vulnerable area under pressure.

*Do not use any form of Magnet Therapy if you have Pacemaker or any other form of operated implant. Magnets will deplete batteries and erase magnetic strips on credit and train cards etc.

Products For Pain Relief And General Repair


07713 918880

Magnecore Set Best Seller!

** To see a demonstration and to understand how to get the best out of the Magnecore discs, please go to the following site.

The most widely used product in our line as it can be used anywhere on the body. By far our best selling item.To be used and used again, by everyone in the family. The Neodymium ( the Neo) magnets hold their power indefinitely. They should be in every household. Simply attach to the area with a good quality medical tape and watch the results.

Contains: 2 small Neodymium Magnets and 2 large Neodymium Magnets

The Back Support      sm/med       l/xl    *New

20 Domed Ceramic Magnets.

Quality Neoprene Wrap

Interior Structure

Adjustable Elasticated Strapping   

This product is for people who require firmer support and control of their back whilst allowing the magnets to run either side of their spinal column. Our remedial back support may be worn 24/7 if required, or simply whenever you feel the need. It will afford you years of comfort. The magnets are ‘permanent’. They do not need ‘re-charging. They are yours for a lifetime of use and effectiveness. As always, Vergari Magnets stand behind every product sold and our Helpline and sales team will be available to help you whenever we can. We fully understand we are dealing with the most valuable asset you possess – your body! Directions: Firmly wrap the Neoprene your back until you have good supportive compression. The magnets will then be in the correct position to afford their benefits. Then simply adjust the elasticated straps to ensure you get the second layer of support.

*Do not wash your Magnetic Back Support in the washing dryer. Gently hand wash only and air dry. 

The Back / Body WraP S/M 40” ( 100 cm

                                         L/XL 50” (125 cm)

Place your 16 magnets over your: HIPS - TUMMY - UPPER or LOWER BACK

Now containing 16 x Ceramic Magnets

(8 magnets per side of your spinal column)

Neoprene Wrap: Allowing for extra back support

Comfortable & Flexible

This wrap is comfortable enough to be worn all day, or for simply the period you feel you need the relief and support.

It has a good wrap-over tolerance, allowing the 40” wrap to be worn by the framed. The 50” for large / x large. It has a further stretch of up to 6 - 8 inches

The Knee Wrap                      S/M (44 - 47cm)

                                             L/XL (51 - 54cm)

XXL (58 - 61cm)

Our knee wrap has been designed to assist in two specific ways.

To give proper support to the injured area, yet allowing unencumbered freedom of movement. Comfortable enough to be worn all day.

To bathe the entire area, with soothing magnetic fields, to assist the repair of the injury. There 16 ceramic magnets to ensure the very best coverage. You will have 8 magnets each side of your knee.

Good for elbows too!

The Leonardo Water Coaster  

Hydrated Cells = Healthier Cells

Simply place your glass or jug on the North Pole (Leonardo side) of the coaster and leave it there for 5 – 10 minutes. It is then magnetized and will hold the increased magnetic field at full potential for weeks.

Once the water is magnetized, you can place your bottle in the fridge, transfer your water to a sports bottle, pet bowl, watering can, horse bucket you choose.

Use it in the Home

Take it to the Office

Take it when Traveling

Take it to the Gym

Take it on the Sports Field

Use it for your Pets & Livestock

Use it for your Plants & Vegetables

We know that water is essential for all life forms.

The quality of that water is also important; all to often our water has been so filtered and processed it is often stripped so much it is ‘dead’. Anything we can do to improve the energy and efficiency in our water is a definite plus.


It is so simple - Make magnetized water it a part of your daily beauty regime, or try magnetizing your favorite face creams and massage oils.

The 'Original'     

Made in the USA

Over 250,000 pairs sold. They sell because they work!

The patented magnetic grid goes the

Which means they may be cut to size and you do not loose any magnetic benefit.

Pliable and comfortable with no hard 'lumps' like lesser varieties. These were designed by Jim Souder to ensure a comfortable product for customers with foot pain and diabetics. As the sole covers a large part of the bodies surface, you can be assured of the best possible effects. All you do is pop them in your shoes and watch for the added strength and energy you can expect from this product.

We especially recommend this product The Athletes and anyone who requires leg repair and recovery, added strength, and energy.

In Sport

The Olympic bodies have ruled that the use of magnets is allowable nothing is ingested or absorbed, and it works naturally with the bodies own system

Professionals have relied on it for years to repair and recover from injuries.

Try it for pain relief, increased energy levels and to improve your circulation.

: They have been flying (or running) through the door. So many of you have come to realize the extra strength and stamina they give. This is because they cover the entire length of each foot and every reflexology point is stimulated not just for a half hour session, but for every hour of the day you wear them.

As they are easy to use, they are just indispensable for our older relatives who might not be able to handle placing magnets on various parts of their bodies.

At the other end of the spectrum -

our kids have discovered them for

. Anything to keep going and going. Rest assured the Powerstride route works and is safe and natural.  

The Headband / Neck Wrap 

Contains 4 x Ceramic Magnets

Neoprene Wrap

Velcro Fastener

A really easy way to deal with headaches and stress, this wrap will also double up as a neck wrap to relax stiff and tired neck and shoulder muscles.

A Very Adaptable Wrap!

Lightweight. Use it at home, in the office or on flights, it may also be used on upper arms, below the knee.. in anywhere it fits. GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY.

Are you a Yoga Fan?

Great for those of you who like to meditate, let the Headband give you the magnetic fields you would expect from being outside on a bright sunny day or sitting on top of a mountain!

The Magnetic Eye Mask We are now out of stock of the Vergar Eye Mask and have replaced it with the Norstar brand (pictured).                                                                                                                 


and as part of your Beauty Regime

8 x Domed neodymium magnets.

Relaxing with the eye mask for as little as 10 – 15 minutes daily is normally sufficient to produce great results, but it can be worn for much longer periods (overnight) if desired. It is light and very portable, so make it a part of your health and beauty routine.


Remember, take your Magnetic Eye Mask with you whenever you fly long or short haul! It can be invaluable in assisting relaxed sleep during the flight and may reduce the effects of jet-lag and the ‘morning after’ dark circle and syndrome.

Beauty Therapy

With the Eye Mask has been known to reduce puffiness around the eyes and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“Thank you, for this great product, I use it for five minutes every morning to get rid of the puffiness under my eyes, then 10 minutes before I go to sleep at night. It’s just great”

Gina Taiano, Finchley


If you are fit/ healthy and simply interested in detox and body

Please try this method.Wearing an effective magnetic bracelet will encourage and we believe, improve your immune system over a period of time, and give your body this chance to become more resistant to the usual colds and daily onslaughts of modern life with -

no extra effort on your part.

We have selected these bracelets to give you the best magnetic coverage possible in a bracelet that is also a fashion statement. You can rest assured that these products will give you the best chance for body maintenance.

Deep penetration promoting your body’s best response.

Truly effortless ways to assist your fight the daily ravages of modern life.

Carrying between 9 – 12 neodymium magnets, depending on the length ordered.

 Hypoallergenic Coating

· Stainless Steel

· Gold Plate Trim

· Improved clasp

· Simple to wear

· May be worn 24/7 

The Wide Link Bracelet

Stainless Steel/ Gold Plate

8.5” (21 cm)

The Slim Link Bracelet

Stainless Steel / Gold Plate

6.5” (16 cm)

7.5” (19 cm)

New This Season / Larger Size

The Greek Key All Stainless Link

Jade Greek Key and two-tone braceletsGV-1001

Stainless Steel

9.5” (24 cm)

Blood Pressure?

If you have low blood pressure, we recommend you wear the bracelet on your left wrist.

If you have high blood pressure, we recommend you wear the bracelet on your right wrist.

For normal blood pressure – left hand.

An attractive way to cope with pain.

The Powerband - It is as good as its name suggests! If you prefer a tighter fit magnetic wristband this might be your answer. We recommend you use it with the magnetic stone facing upwards for general health, improved immune systems and for improved energy levels.

Wear the Powerband on your pulse point for Travel Sickness. Very

Adjustable - One size fits all.   

Pillow Pads/Travel Pads/Therapist Pads

The Pillow Pad and Travel Pad as Stress Busters, as they are simple ways to ensure a good nights rest and combat the normal pressures of the day.

The Pillow Pad

18 x Ceramic Magnets

Inches 14 w x 19 L

(35 x 48 cm)

The Pillow Pad is designed to fit snugly into your pillowcase, on top of your pillow to allow the magnets to gently bathe you as you sleep

Your daily facial!

Wake up feeling soothed, relaxed and revitalized.

We recommend this product if you suffer from cluster headaches and migraine

Watch the dark circles decrease

See your skin take on a visible improvement

The easiest way to improve your hair and face

Chair Pad/King Size Pillow Pad

30 High Grade Magnets  

18 x Ceramic Magnets

Inches 14 w x 19 L

(35 x 48 cm)

The Pillow Pad is designed to fit snugly into your pillowcase, on top of your pillow to allow the magnets to gently bathe you as you sleep

Your daily facial!

Wake up feeling soothed, relaxed and revitalized.

We recommend this product if you suffer from cluster headaches and migraine

Watch the dark circles decrease

See your skin take on a visible improvement

The easiest way to improve your hair and face

Chair Pad/King Size Pillow Pad

30 High Grade Magnets  

Inches 14 W x 28 L

(35 x 70 cm)

This is a larger version of the Pillow Pad, originally designed as a pad for American King Size pillows, our customers saw the advantages and -

Use in their As they watch Truck / Taxi Youngsters Beds

And as their beloved ‘Stress Buster’, this adaptable pad will go everywhere easily.

Sciatic Pain?

Ease your back

Lightweight enough to take on holiday if you do not want to leave the benefits of you mattress pads entirely behind.

he Therapist/Travel Pad

Suitable for our couches and for your bed

80 x Ceramic Magnets

Inches 24 W x 36 L (60 x 90 cms)

The Therapist Pad was designed for our therapists to use on their couches as they treat their patients.

It is now also available for the general public.

A cost effective way to try the benefits of .


Truly an investment that will benefit you for many years to come

From the original design technology of Jim Souder, using the very best component parts.

Nighttime is then your body repairs itself following the exertion of an average day.

We work, we eat, we play, we get tired – we go to bed.

We should wake up the following morning refreshed and energized. Many of us don’t.

To be as fit as we can, we all need – The Three Essentials:-

Good Hydration, Good Nutrition & A Good Nights Sleep

A magnetic mattress will be your best friend and it will assist the natural repair process ‘effortlessly’ though the night.

Night after night for up to and beyond a 20-year lifespan

  • Deep Penetration
  • Durable
  • A Long Lasting Investment
  • For Your Muscles / Joints / Immune System

Mattress Pads are a real commitment to maintaining and improving your health and your energy levels.

A key item to purchase as you approach the time of life when you can expect your body to protest and moan under the wear and tear of normal life.

Our bodies are built to ‘wear out’, and we all want to slow this process down as much as we can. We believe a magnetic mattress pad can really help with this.

Our Mattress Pads Are Recommended For Use By:-

Professional Athletes

For faster repair and recovery

People With

Joint Pain

Poor Immune Systems

The Over 50’s


Poor Sleep


300 x High Density Ceramic Magnets

Inches 36 W x 72 L (90 x 180 cm)


500 x High Density Ceramic Magnets

Inches 51 W x 72 L (128 x 180 cm)


600 X Ceramic Magnets

Inches 58 w X 78 L (145 x 195 cm)


The Vergari Pet Collar Pro is a new addition to the range and can be tailor made to fit your Dog or Cat. In three standard sizes; Small 12 in (30.5cm) Medium 18 in (45.7cm) Large 24 in (61cm).

For an additional £3, we can supply bespoke sizes to your requirement of either 15" or 21".

As these are made to order, please allow a further 72 hours for the dispatch of your product.

All prices and sizes are listed from the drop down menu.

The copper chains have 4 magnets built in, and each one is placed to bring optimum effect. The magnets have a gauss surface rating of 1700 each. Whilst the chain is extremely well made and excellent quality we do not recommend attaching a lead to the chain.


Not to be used if your pet has a pacemaker fitted or any kind of mechanical implant.

Vergari Pet Collar Pro Standard 12” Small
Vergari Pet Collar Pro 15” made to measure S/M
Vergari Pet Collar Pro Standard 18” Medium
Vergari Pet Collar Pro 21” made to measure Large
Vergari Pet Collar Pro Standard 24” Large/Ex Large