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Safe, Effective and Affordable Ways To Natural Pain Relief

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Magnet Therapy Explained

Arthritis Joint Pain Migraine Back Ache Sports Injuries. ME

Magnet Therapy is not:

  • A miracle or the answer to everything.
  • To be used without a diagnosis (an understanding of your condition).
  • To be used by persons using a pacemaker, defibrillators, insulin pumps or other electro-insulin or battery operated devices.
  • It should not to be used by pregnant women, although there are no contra-indications, it is a simple safeguard in ensuring a natural progression of the pregnancy.

Magnet Therapy is :

  • Doctor recommended
  • Clinically tested
  • Safe & effective
  • Re-usable
  • A non-invasive drug free therapy.
  • Now even more affordable
  • And most importantly - Natural

Q. Why do our customers buy Magnet Therapy?

Most commonly for the following reasons:-


  • Migraine & Headaches
  • Unexplained tiredness
  • Respiration problems
  • Muscular pains
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Wrist pain and RSI
  • Poor circulation
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Rheumatism
  • Swelling and Bruising


March 2001

Industrial Injury – Partially Severed Hand

My name is Andy Burgess; I’m 39 and a general builder. On the 7th April 1998 I was involved in an industrial accident, which resulted in my wrist being severely cut, and the doctors advised me I might lose my hand. All my tendons were severed, as were my arteries and veins. After many operations and over 250 internal stitches they managed to save my hand. Many months later I had 65% mobility but a great deal of pain. Every morning I woke with a ‘clawed hand’ and it took 20 minutes of exercise to release it. Some numbness still remained, and the hand was weak (I could not lift a kettle). After using your magnetic link bracelet the ‘clawing’ stopped within days and I can honestly say that since I have been wearing it my wrist and fingers are now nearly normal. I can work again and lift anything up to 60lbs with it. I would without hesitation recommend these products to anyone, and do as I am living proof that these things work. Keep up the good work, Sincerely A.S. Burgess, Somerset

Update: June 2012

Andy is now working at Bristol Int. Airport

The Worldwide use of Magnets

Western medicine tends to be dominated by a belief in surgical and pharmaceutical intervention, and in a great majority of cases this is the appropriate course. But sometimes there are drug-free and non-intrusive alternatives.

When will the UK catch up with other countries? Good Question! In countries where drugs are not automatically turned to, magnetic therapy is often the first line of approaching soft tissue damage. Countries such as Japan, Russia, The Baltic States and China. Recently Germany, France and Italy are taking the use of 'serious' Magnet Therapy more seriously and opening clinics devoted to their use. Even the USA is trying to catch up by rushing to do double blind clinical trials.

Worldwide, there are now over 350 double-blind clinical studies done on MT. The UK accepts NONE.

Why not? Good question!



There is still much research and debate about how magnets work. Different theories have been claimed by manufacturers of magnetic products. I will point out the largely accepted views held by doctors and researchers.


‘When a magnet is applied to the body, muscles and soft tissue lengthen and relax, waves pass through the tissue and secondary currents are induced. When those currents clash with magnetic waves they produce impacting heat on electrons in the body cells. These impacting heats are very effective in the reduction of muscle swelling and pain. Movement of hemoglobin in the blood vessels is accelerated, this has been observed in both thermographic and nuclear medicine studies, while calcium, cholesterol and lactic acid deposits in the blood are decreased. The fatigued blood is cleansed and circulation is increased. There is also significant evidence of a pain blocking mechanism in nerve fibers themselves when subjected to magnetic fields.

Researchers have been able to shift the resting potential (thereby raising the required stimulus to pain) of nerve cells in the laboratory by 25% using the Magnecore technology

High strength magnets can cause anesthesia, in the tissue, through a principal in physics called the Hall effect. A thermal impact that occurs within the cell, which can affect nerve signals’.

What does this all mean in lay terms?

Two vital things occur when a magnet is placed on the skin. First, the soft tissue will lengthen and help to relax down a muscle or ligament that is damaged or traumatized. It will work in an area and depth directly proportionate to the type and strength of magnet used (forget the fridge one). Presuming you have one of the better magnets, you should be able to effect a change to a radius of between 3 – 5 inches around any one magnet and to a similar depth. As the tissue relaxes, oxygen and blood flow that has so far had restricted access to the damaged site is allowed in and increased. We can see this by thermal imaging. Normally an injured site, whether from arthritis, torn muscles or another condition, will be surrounded by inflammation. This can comprise of lactic acids, calcium and other deposits. Basically the site is ‘hot’ with acidity. The increase in oxygen and blood flow brings with it increased alkaline. Acidity hates to be in an alkaline environment and this is where the body starts to generate its own healing abilities. Magnets merely encourage this in a truly dramatic way. So, here we are - we have relaxed the tissue and with increased blood flow we have started to detoxify the area. Next, the thermal impact mentioned in the Hall effect occurs inside the cell.

As the blood in our body continuously circulates it periodically comes close to the magnet placed on the skin above. The ions in the blood become agitated and are attracted to the magnet, atomic particles begin to spin inside the cell – they go into the Hall effect – and in doing so get ‘switched on’. By ‘switching on’ the body kicks in its own beta-endorphin (pain relieving) system.