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Safe, Effective and Affordable Ways To Natural Pain Relief

We accept returns, but the Customer pays the postage.

Conditions of Use - Important - Please Read.

Our products should be used as specified in our instruction sheets.

Whilst we ensure our products get you to in perfect condition, we accept that from time to time problems may arise and we stand firmly behind the quality we expect from our production line.

In the unlikely event of damaged items reaching you, we explain how to return goods to us on our Shipping & Returns page.


Magnet Therapy is safe to use and has not been found to cause side-effects. However it should NOT be used by or on the following:

Anyone with a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or other electro-insulin (battery operated) device. The magnets may deplete the batteries.

Implants – Those with a Cobalt implant. Other implants e.g. stainless steel, titanium are fine.

Pregnant women As a safeguard - we recommend pregnancies should be as natural as possible, and as free from stimulation whether from tobacco, alcohol, or un-necessary drugs.

Babies – very young babies should again be free from stimulus including baby monitors, clock radio’s and electrical circuits too close to their cots.

People taking anticoagulants or on bleeding wounds, as magnets decrease the stickiness of blood platelets

Following Surgery - General rule:

Following operations many of our customers are eager to benefit from their magnet therapy as quickly as possible. However, in the case of replacement joints and major surgery, we would recommend that you desist from using your magnets for 1 – 2 weeks following the procedure.

This is to ensure that your operation has gone smoothly and no complication has arisen.


Do not place your magnetic products on top of credit cards, train tickets, floppy disks or anything that has a magnetic strip.

Do not useThe Magneton within 45cms (18 inches) of your Computer (Office Electricals) TV or Hospital Equipment.