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Safe, Effective and Affordable Ways To Natural Pain Relief

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The Magneton (Magnessage) Testimonials

"The Magneton is a revolution in the treatment of facial pain associated with TMD. It proves essential in post-operative situations as well as in the primary stages of treatment. The Micro-mag is a perfect fusion of pain relief, cell regeneration stimulus, relaxation and practicality. I actively promote the use of the mini mag to all patients in my practice."

Dr Patrick Grossman, Wimpole Street London

May I also once again thank you very much for the Magneton, it is invaluable to me.

Mostly of a night, I often wake with severe pain in my hip.I use the Magneton and it helps to lessen the pain and allows me to get back to sleep. Yours sincerely, Mary

I received the Magneton last week, charged it up and it been nothing short of Magic for my son. My husband also used it on an old injury to his heel (he fell from a roof and crushed his foot some years ago.) He found it brilliant.

Mary Mcfadyen – Glasgow

I am a postman and suffer with sore feet and a bad back, after using the Magneton I have noticed a remarkable difference, more energy, and a healthy attitude to life.

Mr Findlay J Snaddon – Grangemouth

I only had to use the Magneton for 7 days and I have been able to walk without my walking stick for the 1 time in 2 years. I am only 46 years old and I feel 90, I now look forward to seeing what I could do next. My Doctor is very impressed with this.

M Brockic – Fife, Scotland

I have recently purchased a Magnessage from you and cannot now be without it. The Magnessage is wonderful I had a weekend of 7hrs of dancing, I am not an over the top person but I can not live with out it.

Mrs Williams – Luton, Beds

As a concert pianist, my hands are vital to me. My arthritis was causing me so much pain I was in fear of not being able to perform. The Magneton has proved so successful that I have been granted a new lease on life, or certainly performing.

Sue Ross – London

Our Other Products

December 1st 2013

The Therapist Pad:

Hi, .... I just want to say its only been around 3 weeks now since I got my therapist/travel pad .. And I have been in pain now ( strange but mainly in bed at night ) .. For around 2 years with a piriformis /sciatica type thing ! I hardly got any sleep because of the pain ! Well I'm sooo happy to say I have honestly hardly any pain now.. Unbelievable .. I'm sleeping all night ..I'm so happy ! My hubbie wants to steal my pad every night ( he has back ache). But I won't let him have it .. So it looks like I'm going to go buy him one too... !! Thank you so much .. So pleased I heard about vergari magnets ...many many thanks .. Kind regards .. Caroline ..

November 15th 2013

Thank you Gloria for your email, looking forward to receiving my latest MAGNETIC item. Then I will have had 27 items from you throughout the years you have brought magnets to us. They have kept me going in many ways, friends too, though some family members are still skeptical, but I am working on them!

I cannot praise them enough.

Best wishes, MARY

Gary from Oxfordshire - 20th April 2013

Hi Gloria In 2008, my voice started to get very husky and lost all its volume. As the years went by I tried a Harley Street ENT specialist, a throat specialist, had botox injected into my voice box, breathing technique lessons, singing lessons, hypnotism, physical manipulation, until someone in 2010 asked me about my life and asked me if I felt under stress. I explained that I had had a tough few years. In 2005 my dad got cancer, in 2006 my wife got cancer, in 2007 my dad died, in 2008 my business went bust and in 2009 I went bust and nearly lost my home. He said that maybe I have had so much going on that my voice has just shut down. I carried on living with this, virtually unable to communicate as I fought my way back in business. Then in 2012, my marriage came to an end, and then 3 months later I lost my job. Virtually unable to talk in any situation even remotely stressful, the whole thing started to get me down, until I met Gloria, who asked me to explain what happens when my voice ‘goes’. I explained that it feels like my stomach tightens up and then the tightening rises to my throat until my voice is ‘strangled’, and the more I fight it, the worse it gets. Gloria sent me 3 sets of magnets, 2 ‘penny’ sized discs, 2 larger discs and a thin belt so I can place them on my stomach. Within 4 days my voice was virtually back to normal after 6 years of ‘hell’. I now wear them 80% of the time and hardly notice them. I’ve no idea how they work, but they are fantastic. Best Gary

March 1st 2013

Hi Gloria

I must say I'm absolutely astonished at how effective the knee wrap is - it's almost as though I never had a problem with my knee. For me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I'm not exaggerating when I say you've given me back my life. I look forward to using the eye mask for my migraines and sleep problems. If it works (which I'm sure it will) it will mean that I'll be free of pain for the first time in years.

Very best wishes


September 21 2012

I received my magnetic bracelets about 5 weeks ago. They are working wonders in my hands. They are amazing, so thank you very much. Charlie - Internet.

August 20th 2012

Hi Gloria

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I just want to tell you all the magnets bought are for my 80 yr old mother, who is now pain free. She has osteoporosis, spondilosis of the spine and arthritis and was on the maximum prescription medication, the next phase was injections. She hasn't needed to take any pain killing medication in over a month and has recommended your products to family and friends. Thank you so much, regards Dawn - South Yorkshire

June 29th 2012

I've been using the Back/body wrap over my poorly lower back since I've bought it from Ideal World 4 weeks ago. I can't be without it anymore. Day or night. I have reduced my painkillers even forgetting about them.

Using my new knee wrap since yesterday. Had a good night. Was in agony with a meniscus tear, especially at night. Trying to get family and friends interested.

Would love to hear from you. Love watching you on Ideal World. Your prices are phenomenal. 15 yrs ago I was introduced by my sister to magnet therapy. I am planning to magnetise my life and those of loved ones.

Keep bringing them to us please. Elizabeth, Middx

26th June 2012


You will be interested to know that I have plantar fasciitis - severe pain in my heel (probably wrong spelling!) - and I have been successfully using the Magneton to ease the pain. James, South Kensington

10th May 2012


I get magnets - I really do! I bought The Magnecore discs many years ago and wear them on my back and I swear by them. Gloria keep doing what you are doing, you make such a difference to the quality of my life and many others.

Since I started with you, I have bought:-

The headband for my daughter (she suffers from migraine)

The bracelet for my 91 year old mother

The pillow pad, which my dog has not stolen

The Magneton which is fantastic for the whole family

And the Mattress Pad for my husband and I

I highly recommend your products. Keep up the good fight.


Studham, Bedfordshire.


Hi Gloria,

Many thanks for a quick reply. I can tell my mom now and put her mind at rest, that the magnets last indefinitely. They are helping her and she has found an improvement in her back as she suffers from arthritis and nerve damage.

Thanks again Kerry.

Good morning Gloria

Thank you very much for sending the Chair Pads to my daughter yesterday, I have already put one in my bed the other is a gift to a friend. In the summer I sent a back wrap to my sister in the U,K, she has a problem with crumbling hips and was in great pain; after a few hours she noticed the difference and is now pain free for most of the time. I bullied another friend in the U.K. to order a back wrap for arthritis pain. She had been house bound. The last text from her was “I am in the park with my dogs.” I have been using the Therapist/Travel Pad as I have just had painful lower body operation it made a big difference to sleeping without pain killers.

Angela -The Aude, France

The Professionals:

Sue Stockdale, First British Woman to the North Pole

Gloria, the magnetic sleeping bag you made for me was the best piece of kit I had with me. It kept me warm at night and I could rely on it to recover my sore muscles and give me energy overnight. Thanks Sue

The findings of my own testing of the Norso wrist band magnets dramatically helped to

improve recuperation and aided in training gains.

Joe Beer – British Ironman / Triathlete

The magnetic field will develop into a powerful new analytic and therapeutic tool of medicine. Dr. Madeleine F. Barnothy

We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and its applications -- a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature herself.

Dr. Ralph U. Sierra

The astounding results obtained through magnetic therapy give it a place of considerable importance in the field of therapeutics.

Dear Mrs Vergari

GV JBS Magneton presentationBless you for the Norso item (Back Wrap). I felt my back improving within hours. Thank you so much. I told the ‘Independent on Sunday’ of this – and I do hope they print it. I am so glad to have it with me on my trip back to the Amazon, And thank you from us all for the amazing Magneton Best wishes,

Colonel John Blashford-Snell, British Explorer

“I wouldn’t think of playing without them. I haven’t missed a day of golf in three years. Now I can swing as well on the last hole as I do on the first. I first damaged my lower back when I was 15 and played in constant pain. Now I play with two coin-size magnets strapped to my back. Jim Colbert, champion PGA golfer.

“Magnets are the answer to my prayers. I suffered from terrible shoulder pain for years, so when I heard of magnet therapy, I jumped at the chance to try it. I applied magnetic patches to my shoulders for a week or two, and I got so much relief I didn’t need to use them again for months. Magnets are truly wonderful.”

Anthony Hopkins, Acto

When I was first introduced to Norso magnotherapy for ‘tennis elbow’ I was a touch skeptical, however with virtually immediate effect the results have been excellent.

Michael Rasser, Michaeljohn, London

“Our players have used magnets for over two years and they have proven to be an effective aid in the recovery of professional footballers aches, pains and injuries.

Ryan Vermillion, Director of Rehabilitation - for the Miami Dolphins.

Our Customers:

A few of our many hundreds of personal testimonials - BY CONDITIONS


Dear Gloria,

Thank you so much for all your help. I want you to have in writing how much you poker chips have helped my hip. They have also made the world of difference to my 9 year old dog, Toby. Toby had been unable to walk with arthritis so for three weeks we have been sharing them ! We are now both bounding with ease, but I feel I need my own set. Please send me another pair ASAP. Sincerely Julia Patton, Dernia Spain

To you all,

I wish I could truly express how I feel since I started your magnets. The discomfort and pain I have felt for years has disappeared. I also believe the support and help I received from you on the phone was of such benefit I have been singing your praises ever since.

Many thanks, sincerely Betty Talbot, Walton-on Thames.

To whom it may concern

As a concert pianist, my hands are vital to me. My arthritis was causing me so much pain I was in fear of not being able to perform. Your neo’s together with the Magnessage have proved so successful that I have been granted a new lease on life, or certainly performing. Many thanks, Sue Ross, Finchley London

Carpal Tunnel & R.S.I.

I had been in dreadful pain with carpal tunnel in my right wrist. It had been so bad I had been walking the floor for several nights. After wearing your wristband for 15 minutes I started to feel relief, and within hours it had gone. I have had very little trouble since, only when I over use my hand. I can then rely on putting the wrist band on and taking care of the problem. Once again thank you, you have been my savior.

Pam Jenkins Axbridge, Somerset 1998

As you know I was very skeptical that magnets would help the R.S.I. / Arthritis I had suffered from for many years due to riding my motor bike and using the throttle.

But after wearing it overnight the pain in my thumb was gone. I was so impressed I lent it to my mother, she was so impressed she will not give it back. Please send me another one. Thanks again. Byron Lewis Lower Weare, Somerset 1998

Dear Gloria

After five years on pain killers – I am off them. I have had my first pain free weekend and have been so ever since using Biomagnets. Thank you Gloria for coming to Bath.

Very sincerely, Monica Brown, Bathwick, Bath.

Telephone message:

“Gloria, I just called to say thank you for the little disks. They are tremendous. As you may remember I am a professional guitarist. My R.S.I. was interfering with my playing and I was terribly worried. Now, as soon as I feel any strain coming in my hand I tape the disks on and – problem solved. I have learned to put them on if I know I have a heavy session coming up and I do not set up the pain. It has made such a difference to my and my career. Thanks, a pal of mine will be calling you shortly. Richard, Bath Avon 1999


‘Gloria, I have to say I am staggered by how effective the magnets are! During the last few days I have been in less pain and have had far more energy than at any other time in the last eight years – and done things I thought I had lost forever, like driving a car. I feel like I am getting my life back, which is absolutely brilliant!’ Jackie, Shipley May 28th 2000

‘I’m back after a great holiday! The sunshine did me a lot of good. I took my mattress pad with me which kept my usual problem of ‘holiday constipation’ at bay, it also help me stay more active than ever before since I became ill. ‘Did I mention my mattress pad has completely stabilized my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – which as you know often comes with fibromyalgia’. Jackie Shipley 26th July 2000


Dear Gloria

Shortly after wearing my magnets I noticed a marked reduction in the pain I had had from lymphoedema following a radical mastectomy for breast cancer five years ago. In due course the swelling in my arm subsided and is now, what is described as “within normal limits”. Thank you so much, and also thanks for the follow up calls and advise.

Marian Jackson, Bournemouth

(referred to us by the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Breast Care Dept.)


You have changed my life. After using your poker chips I have got my life back. I am a nearly new person. My lymphoedema is now controlled and the pillow pad has helped with sleep and stress. My fiends are all shocked and so happy for me. Thanks for being there.

Sandra Rose, Poole Dorset.

(also from the Royal Bornemouth Hospital, Breast Care Dept


Spinal Muscular Dystrophy

Judi Wolfenden Following The London to Jerusalem Endurance Car Rally.

” I was naturally apprehensive about taking part in the rally, so each morning I put on the back wrap, and to my amazement was completely free of pain. In fact the only time on the rally that I had any intense pain was during the ceremony at the Besor Reservoir, when a professional photographer (laden with camera) slipped and fell on top of me.

Thank you for generously giving me the Norso wraps, this special item ensured that I was free of pain.” Judi now plans to do the next one on a Harley !!

Judi Wolfenden July 2000 Coventry

Stress & Depression

I have only been on the mattress pad for three nights and already I can feel the difference. It is beginning to ferry me around and help me out of the deepest roughs both mentally and physically. Please call as I want to discuss another of your products for a friend and my mother.

. Claire Calascione, Bristol

From James Astley August 2011

Dear Gloria,

Hmmm! yes there is no proof they work, but I know what I saw, I saw a little girl who was very ill, cyanotic through her heart condition, yet when she slept on the magnetic mattress pad she improved she slept better, her color improved, she was more lively, she ate better, and she played with her brother and sister, and most of all she recovered from her operations quickly, to the astonishment of the nurses, doctors and hospital, 2 hours after major open heart surgery she was breathing on her own, 12 hours later she was taken from Intensive care and put back on the ward, within 1 day she was walking, I believe the mattress did this, it improved her blood condition and circulation, We saw it first hand, no one can make us believe otherwise.

Thank you for what you gave my daughter, she was a happy child right up to the moment she left us, you gave us that. JAMES

Our Pets:

Hi Gloria (Cats)

It was a pleasure to finally meet you earlier this week, here’s my story, or at least my cat’s. After purchasing my magnetic coaster I decided to perform a little experiment involving a neutral subject - my cat. I filled its regular water bowl with normal tap water and a separate bowl with magnetized water. Upon observing the cat it appeared to ignore its usual water bowl and opted for the magnetized water. To satisfy myself I did this on three further occasions and each time the result was the same. It was after this I realized that you could not just dismiss Magnetic Field Therapy as random ‘placebo effects’ and I became very interested; I really wanted to experiment further…and the rest is history. Kind regards,

Anthony Rooke, West Sussex

(Horses) Soft tissue manipulation working with stress points and myofascial release. To help relieve tension, pain and to improve performance.

"I have had my Magnessage/Magneton for 4 years now with fantastic results. As they are rechargeable and very portable, I can leave them on loan with the owners to benefit from on-going treatments.Having seen such great results over the years, I now recommend that my owners buy their own machine, as they are so affordable.

Working with magnet therapy has really been a plus in the treatment of many conditions in both horses and riders."

Jane Sumner The Equine Body Shop. (see details under Therapists )