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Safe, Effective and Affordable Ways To Natural Pain Relief

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Artemis - Goddess of Youth and the Vulnerable

You don't have to be a health freak to covert The Artemis - but it helps!

Cord Drawstring with 2 smaller Hematite beads.

The Artemis Bracelet £14.99

3 large Hematite beads covered in pure light catching crystals.

8 supporting pure Hematite beads

Artemis Bracelet from Vergari

All Things Bright and Beautiful … The Perfect Gift of Good Health for Christmas

For those who know their Vergari from the Bulgari!

When it comes to the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa, what could be the greatest gift you can bestow – the gift of good health for Christmas and the new year You don’t need to be a health freak, or a far-out label-lover to covet the new bracelet from Vergari – just be aware that today’s lifestyles can put our bodies under tremendous strain – but there is a simple, fashion-forward way to offset that. Vergari’s striking Artemis String Bracelet has specially designed small-but-powerful magnets, and the biggest, brightest and most beautiful baubles that harness biomagnetic therapy to help protect the body from many of today’s ailments. 

It’s also the easiest way to boost general health and wellbeing and combat the effects of the invisible blanket of smog and electrical pollution from our 21 century lifestyles, making it an ideal gift for all ages from students to colleagues, who spend too much time glued to computer screens, or on mobiles, calling or texting.

Even the most committed fashionista will find something to wear whether it’s for the office, or to match that little black dress.

Never has fashion felt so good, or been so good for you.    

It couldn’t be simpler. Wear daily on the wrist of whichever is your lead-hand that you use to answer the phone. This will prompt the body’s own healing processes, boost circulation, support the immune system, increase the alkalinity in the body and reduce inflammation, and stimulate positive changes within the body at a cellular level - naturally and without the use of drugs.

About the Bracelet: In bio magnetics, size and strength matter. Penetration is greater where the magnets come into direct contact with the skin on the afflicted area. Each magnet on the Artemis Bracelet is 800 gauss – small in its own right – but Vergari’s exclusive design has upped the number of magnets to eight – two more than other bracelets and increasing strength without compromising on good looks – each crystal is also bigger and brighter. – making it the most effective on the market.



Crystal (white) -03

Dark Sapphire -05

Rose Quartz -11

our other colours are sadly out of stock now